Hey you! My name is Sarah Beth and I'm a 19-year-old college student living in Savannah, Georgia. But this is only my first year in Georgia - I have lived in Saudi Arabia for my entire life prior. This blog has become my life-line for health and weight-loss motivation. I want to thank the entire healthy blog community for your support, even if indirect!

Oh, and I like dinosaurs, especially because of THIS.

5'5" | HW: 139 | SW: 135 | CW: 124
GW1: 130 | GW2: 127 | GW3: 125 | UGW: 122

5K: 22:43
10k: 48:46
13.1: 1:43:28

healthy hallelujah!

i haven’t written anything here in a LONG while

but i am feeling completely unmotivated, have been injured for a month (not working out for 5 weeks), and have been eating absolute crap.

i want my body back. i want to have control back over my body. :(

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stick-to-fit-deactivated2012102: You are so beautiful! I'm happy I found your blog :)

aw thank you!! you are wonderful :)

double-minte: oh man i feel the same way. i miss being skinny and "in control" but i have always felt that my passion for art was more important than being obsessed with fitness. its so hard to have a balance, but passion isnt really about balance

agreed! whew, glad i’m not the only one!

healthy-happy-hollis: Do you go to SCAD?

yes !

portlandensis-deactivated201210: Your legs are fantastic. can I get a peek at the toes?

thanks! and errr, no? i don’t know how i feel about this message..

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fine-fit-fierce: I'm am SO jealous of how stunning you are; you look like Reese Witherspoon! Also, love love love your blog :)

whattt?! no way! she’s gorgeous! thank you so much!

Anonymous: your face, body and blog = love


i don’t know if i can do this anymore

i don’t think i want health & fitness to take over my life. yes, they are important. but i am striving for a career in the arts, and i should be investing all of my time in that.

plus, i want to enjoy life and sometimes this blog holds me back.

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lunch! (didn’t eat all the sweet potato fries)

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lunch! (didn’t eat all the sweet potato fries)

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new magenta lipstick = love

new magenta lipstick = love

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