Hey you! My name is Sarah Beth and I'm a 19-year-old college student living in Savannah, Georgia. But this is only my first year in Georgia - I have lived in Saudi Arabia for my entire life prior. This blog has become my life-line for health and weight-loss motivation. I want to thank the entire healthy blog community for your support, even if indirect!

Oh, and I like dinosaurs, especially because of THIS.

5'5" | HW: 139 | SW: 135 | CW: 124
GW1: 130 | GW2: 127 | GW3: 125 | UGW: 122

5K: 22:43
10k: 48:46
13.1: 1:43:28

healthy hallelujah!
You are so pretty! Aaand you pull off that nose ring so good!

riia! thank you so much! you’re awesommeee girlie. i absolutely love all of the picture posts you are putting up recently!


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Anonymous: what was your starting 5k time and how long did it take you to get down to 22 minutes?

HEY anon! well, i started cross country in high school. and i HATED it. to be honest. the only reason i really started running was because my dad was a runner, and i knew he’d be so excited if i started. plus, my school had required sports so it was either running, volleyball, or field hockey - and let’s just say i’m not a team sports kinda girl!

so, my freshman year of high school, i was on JV (just because our school was so small, there were probably only about 20 of us total, including the 7 on varsity). and i had never ever run more than a mile without stopping really. i wasn’t into it - the other girls had all been to preseason and were already buddy-buddy. i was just kind of there, you could say. i ran probably a 29 or 28 minute 5k or something (and this was all on grassy hills and trail - no road).

but, my sophomore year i got more into it. the other girls befriended me and i started to like the sport a lot more. that year i think my 5k time got down to a 26:00 or 25:30 at the very end of the season. i was still on jv.

my junior year of high school was probably the best. i was really pumped about the next fall season, so during the summer i trained hard. i did all the workouts our coach put on the schedule for us (i was at a boarding school so we didn’t have joint practice over summer), and i attended preseason. i basically became a devoted beast. that year i got my time down to a 22:54 by consistently decreasing my time every race. that year was great because i just kept improving! it was great. it was a LOT of work though. that year i was on varsity.

my senior year, my season wasn’t amazing. i was still on varsity, i attended preseason, etc, but i just wasn’t as fast for some reason. i still PR’ed, but that was rare. i got a 22:43, but a lot of my races that year were in the 23s and 24s, one was even in the 25s. it was more social for me that year i think.

so, it was over a LONG period of time and dedication. but it helped me grow to love the sport soo much. i’m so thankful for my high school cross country career.

when i got to college though, i took a year off because there just wasn’t enough structure and i wasn’t motivated (it’s really flat and hot and there aren’t any trails where i live now). but then, last summer, i made the executive decision to sign up for a half marathon. randomly, after i was only in good enough shape to run 3 or so miles. the race was in about 4 months. kinda daunting, but i dedicated myself and did really well! i honestly know that if i had run a 5k around that time i would have probably decreased my time to below a 22 minute pace but i was just too lazy and worn out from training for the half.

anyways, sorry for this long SHPEEL! i guess that was a super long answer, but it was necessary. plus, i don’t think i’ve told that story to any of my followers before! let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

I’m trying these babies out as SOON as I get a kitchen. mmmmMMMm

please do. i want to share my excitement with someone else! hahah

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happylists: you're so preeeetty! and your boyfriend is pretty hot too ): lucky thing

hey kim! did you switch blogs? and thank you soo much! he’s adorable :) and you’re beautiful!

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balancingbodyandmind: Whattt! You cant be 124! You look like way less! I'm 5'6" and when i was 123 I looked noticably bigger thank you (& i have a small bone structure haha)

well i have more of a medium structure and wider shoulders.. also im probably not 124 more anymore.. probably more like 127 or 130 because i have had no money to buy food so i eat the crap they give me at work for free, and i havent had time to workout because of all the homework i’ve had lately :( but thank you so much!! you’re awesome!

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health-love-and-happiness-deact: You're so pretty!

thank you lady! right back atchya ;)

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thanks girl!!

it’s easy when other people are counting on me being there (i ran with two older ladies this morning), but when i’m alone it’s a lot harder to drag myself out of bed after staying up late to do homework :/ not to mention dangerous to run alone some places… 

bleh. can’t wait for summahhhh

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thanks girl!!

it’s easy when other people are counting on me being there (i ran with two older ladies this morning), but when i’m alone it’s a lot harder to drag myself out of bed after staying up late to do homework :/ not to mention dangerous to run alone some places…

bleh. can’t wait for summahhhh

Anonymous: finally! an adorable, inspirational, positive, uplifting healthblog! your posts always make my day, and i'm so happy to see them on my dash :] thank you for this blog. that was truth & not meant as sucking-up, but i do have a couple questions! 1) what's a typical day like for you eating-wise? 2) do you only run? you run a lot, and it's incredible! but you don't do ab-workouts or anything else? if so, that is awesomeee! 3) what inspires you to keep up with this lifestyle? thanks again :]

ahh you’re too sweet! thank you thank you!

hm, well lately i haven’t been eating as perfectly as ever.. but a GOOD day for me would go something like this

breakfast: oatmeal or an egg on toast for breakfast
mid-morning snack: yogurt or a green smoothie or some sort of protein  
lunch: veggies sauteed with chicken & egg
afternoon snack: fruit! nomm
dinner: soup & another veggie (sauteed asparagus, steamed broccoli, etc)
post-dinner snack: popcorn or some sort of sweet (granola bar or nonfat plain greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon and apples, etc) 

i try to do other things, like sometimes i will go to the gym and do arms, etc. but nothing is ever as consistent as running is. running is  something that i am always willing to do. it’s also pretty easy to fit in no matter where i am, since it’s so versatile. plus i just like it better than anything else. i do do planks a lot (3x1 minute). actually.. i should start doing that more..

honestly, tumblr really helps to inspire me. it’s nice to surround myself with other people that are so dedicated to the same thing! sometimes i’m not as inspired as others, but it always comes back eventually :)

i hope that answers your questions! have an awesome day, anon!

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frecklesandfries: I just watched the video you posted in March in your progress and I just wanted to say that I hoped that you found what you were looking for! I hope that you found some ease in your planning ways :)

hey girl! thank you!

yess i have eased up on my OCD planning a little bit. it’s refreshing, actually! and i feel a lot happier/relaxed overall. but, i am SWAMPED with school work right now so it may come back for a bit.. but then it’s summer in three weeks! yay!

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str0ngforlife-deactivated201301: Your progress is amazing! Also, you're beautiful (:

ahh thank you! i’m nervous about it right now because i’m focusing on school way more than exercise/healthy eating.. but once summer starts up and i’m free of worries, i’ll get back on track! :)

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