Hey you! My name is Sarah Beth and I'm a 19-year-old college student living in Savannah, Georgia. But this is only my first year in Georgia - I have lived in Saudi Arabia for my entire life prior. This blog has become my life-line for health and weight-loss motivation. I want to thank the entire healthy blog community for your support, even if indirect!

Oh, and I like dinosaurs, especially because of THIS.

5'5" | HW: 139 | SW: 135 | CW: 124
GW1: 130 | GW2: 127 | GW3: 125 | UGW: 122

5K: 22:43
10k: 48:46
13.1: 1:43:28

healthy hallelujah!

i don’t think i could live without running.

so, over these past few weeks i have had a revelation: running is the only way i like to work out. 

seriously. i have tried multiple times to get into p90x, weight lifting, hooping, biking. but nothing works as well as running. i just don’t get a rush from those things. there’s no goal at the end except for a nicer body, and i guess that’s not enough motivation for me. 

i love running because it challenges me. there’s always a longer distance, a faster race, a harder course to endure. and this fuels me. i thrive off of beating PRs and running with other people. before my sophomore year of college, i would have never believed that i’d ever love running so much, but it’s just so fun!

today, i ran a 10k PR. and i didn’t even expect to. (granted i’ve only run a small handful of 10ks before). i was just doing a training run for fun, and i didn’t even go too hard. it was a small race (about 300 people or so), but having other people around me working towards the same goal was refreshing. i barely run hard, but i finished in 48:46 at an average pace of 7:51/mi.i placed FIRST in the female age group 20-24. 

recently, i have not been running a lot because i guess maybe i needed a little break. and i didn’t really have a good group to run with. i just wasn’t making much of an effort. but when i heard about a running group that meets at 6 AM on tuesdays & thursdays, and 7am on saturdays… i had to go. and it was a blast! i loved having an organized workout again. speed drills, tempo runs, etc.

i can’t wait to do another race. i can’t wait to be in good running shape again. i’m so excited!

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it’s not much, but it will be soon.

it’s not much, but it will be soon.

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like, really want it. 

up until this point i have never quite had the absolute desire to bulk up. not bulk up, per se, but load on protein and lift a lot, to the point where i probably will just end up looking extremely toned. 

i came to this realization today while at the gym. as i was looking around while on treadmill, i saw a girl there that i used to admire for her slim figure. i also saw an extremely muscular girl (who was also covered in tattoos) who i always see at the free weights and machines. the slim girl was working her butt off on the stair-stepper, and i do admire her dedication to that slim figure. but today something just clicked. instead of wanting her body, i all of a sudden wanted this other girl’s body. this sleek, strong, and sexy body. this toned body that could probably challenge my boyfriend’s (sorry tyler!). 

i don’t want to be frail. while it may work for some people, i don’t want it to work for me. i want to be a strong and independent woman, and i want this to show through my physique. 

today i worked my butt off at the gym, and when i ended my workout with 2 side planks and 3 center planks (one minute each), my body was literally quivering. i think some people were even looking at me funny. but i don’t care because in the end it is all going to be worth it. 

will earn this body i desire. i will be strong!

and now, because abs are built in the kitchen, i’m going to go eat some mad protein. 

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i want to exude happiness.

i want to make everyone else around me smile. i want to compliment people everyday, just to see their faces brighten up a little bit. i want to be at peace with my body and mind. i want to focus more on helping others, which will in turn make me a little bit happier each and every day. 

i just want to be rid of this stress and anxiety. i won’t let it define me. 

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honesty hour.

second v-log of the night. it was needed. and i hate typing things out. i get too meticulous. hence, the video.

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i now declare this wednesday, march 6th, leg appreciation day. 

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i now declare this wednesday, march 6th, leg appreciation day. 

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a realization

i liked this experiment - eating starches after a couple days of being starch-free. 

no, i do not regret going to eat delicious chips/salsa & tacos at taco tuesday (a crap load of chips i may add), because i ran one hour today and it felt harder than usual.

no, i do not regret eating one starchy meal on my starch-free week, because my boyfriend came into town for a couple of hours and we had decided last week we were going to go.

yes, i do feel bloated and my stomach isn’t too happy.

yes, i have ALREADY come to realize that too much starch just isn’t for me. 

yes, i really want to stick with this whole veggie-maniac thing once this week is over, even if i am still eating oatmeal in the morning.

i quite rather like it. 

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from a couple weeks ago, after a run :D

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from a couple weeks ago, after a run :D

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post-workout GPOY. sorry about the messy room! :)

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post-workout GPOY. sorry about the messy room! :)

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