Hey you! My name is Sarah Beth and I'm a 19-year-old college student living in Savannah, Georgia. But this is only my first year in Georgia - I have lived in Saudi Arabia for my entire life prior. This blog has become my life-line for health and weight-loss motivation. I want to thank the entire healthy blog community for your support, even if indirect!

Oh, and I like dinosaurs, especially because of THIS.

5'5" | HW: 139 | SW: 135 | CW: 124
GW1: 130 | GW2: 127 | GW3: 125 | UGW: 122

5K: 22:43
10k: 48:46
13.1: 1:43:28

healthy hallelujah!
me with kitten, obvs

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me with kitten, obvs

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this morning

ran 5 miles at 6 am
breakfast in the car on the way to class
class 8-10:30
now: enjoying coffee & a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese to fuel the extra long work day ahead of me
12-7 pm. work at fleet feet sports allll daylight hours
dinner, then homework homework homework

i almost wish i were prescribed adderall or something to keep me focused. i have been so out of it lately. bleh. at least i got a run in!

i haven’t been working out/eating right that much at all lately, mostly due to stress and the insane amount of time i have been spending at work and doing homework (nonstop). also cause i’m broke and can’t afford fresh food. haha. but no excuses… last night i realized how bad this was for my body. i do have frozen veggies and chicken, so i just need to stop being lazy and actuallt devote a little time to cooking my meals to be healthy. also, i’m going to try getting up early before my 8 ams and run everyday, even if it is only 3 miles

also, need to remind myself that i can still go to the gym when it is storming.

i need to lose a few before i go back to my high school this summer and see my old friends that i haven’t seen in a year. no excuses!

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a fresh start

hey! my name is sarah beth, and i attend scad in savannah, georgia. last year was my first year of college, and as everybody knows, the freshman 15 is very real. i was a cross country runner all throughout high school, for four years, and i played a sport the other two seasons as well. but when i began college, i wasn’t required to work out anymore, and there was loads of yucky, yet seemingly delicious food, shoved right in front of me. so, as you can imagine, i stopped working out and began eating pizza and fast food. i’m sure you can all guess what happened from there. 

so, this blog is my new motivation. it’s summer, and it’s time for a fresh start. i have a job, and i am becoming increasingly more active. i’m making it my goal to work out 4-5 times a week for at least thirty minutes each time. i hope to eventually start running a lot more, since i used to be so good at it. i don’t only want to get back in shape though — i want to be healthy as well. i want to make smart decisions with my eating habits, and i hope that looking at so many inspiring health-progress blogs will help.

lastly, if you have any tips or words of encouragement, please use the ask box. i could use it! 

and good luck to all of my fellow health tumblrs! <3